Sunday, January 25, 2009

The End of the Weekend

I sit here with my laptop on Sunday night thinking back over the weekend. I didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped to this weekend. Why does it fly by so quickly? I did make a few new signs in a new color I just purchased - a dark blue. Here they are:

I also sorted my cardmaking embellishments. I bought an organizer in the toolbox section at Home Depot for just $1.99. This was much cheaper than the ones they sell specifically for this purpose in the crafts stores and it works just as well. Of course, I should have bought a bigger one since I cannot seem to stop adding to my collection.

I made two more cards that I have not yet listed. I just recently showed my cards to a few friends who were really impressed with them. It was definitely a boost of confidence. I also showed my closest friend my Etsy shop. She is my biggest critic and supporter and she was very happy for me.

While searching for upcoming craft shows in my area, I came across a crafting forum. In one of the threads, I discovered another place to display my crafts. Perhaps many of my fellow Etsians have already heard of this site but as I am new to selling on the web, it was new to me. I have heard talk of (and visited) Artfire in the Etsy forums but had not heard of this one until I found this thread. Check it out at The fees are extremely reasonable and it is sponsored by some well known companies. I have already set up my shop there although I have only listed a handful of items so far. Check out my new shop at

It is nice to see the growing support for handmade items in such a commercialized world. I would hate to see a world a century from now completely devoid of lovely, handmade craftsmanship. Get the word out, teach your kids to craft, show your friends your handywork. Keep DIY alive!


  1. Enjoyed looking at your shop, like the "love begins at home". Isn't it great when you find a bargain that suits your organization needs?? Much better! Your cat is adorable too!

  2. Yes, sometimes it is easier to find alternatives in bargain stores rather than in the craft store. My cat says thank you, he thinks he's adorable, too.


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