Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Events

I haven't blogged in a few days. I have been so busy. I had to bring my son to Civil Air Patrol this morning. They were going on a trip to Cabelas. Of course...Michaels is right down the road and I did have that 40% off coupon. I figured I'd just run in, use the coupon and leave. Twenty items later and much more money and I was on my way. I figured it out..the 40% coupon is a marketing tactic. Get you in there with it and your bound to buy more. I have every time. My significant other hates going there with me. Bores him to death. I was talking about this with a girl I work with and she said she was there last weekend with her husband. Until he said he'd had enough of this place, let's go! What's wrong with men? Don't they know what is fun?

So brought all my stuff home and took it out. I was excited, so much to do. By the time I sorted it and decided what I wanted to do.....ring...time to go pick up my son. So much for creating in peace.

All in all, it was a good day. Tomorrow I am definitely going to create! I have most of the day free, except for grocery shopping which I hate. My other half, John, did it the past three weeks. He always spends twice what I do. He actually had the nerve to make it sound like he did me a tremendous favor by shopping the past three weeks. While it was a huge favor, saved me a lot of time....who did it for the past ten years?????

Well, my friends are on their way over to play setback. Men vs. the Woman. We need to kick some butt!

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  1. Yes % offf coupons are just to get us into the store...and we always buy more than planned. I don't even need to coupon to get me in the door. But I do have a husband that likes to go to the Bead Shop with me..oh joy and rapture. And he always asks if I got enough and will point out something new I may have missed...have to pull him in every once in awhile...Love that man.

  2. I always get in trouble with those darn "coupons", hee. Hoped you kicked booty tonight!

  3. I always look for an excuse to 'ride by' Micheals!
    CJC---be sure to ck ur etsy convos:)


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